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Course  and Workshop Notes

The download links below contain material prepared continuing professional education courses and other lectures by Dr. Koocher. The files will generally remain available for 30 days following the program for which they were prepared.

European Congress of Pediatric Psychology

Presentation given in August 2023

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It's Happening Over There, so Why Should I Care?


IRB Materials

Research and documents related to Institutional Review Boards.

This section of the site provides free resources and manuscript reprints developed under a grant from the NIH Office of Research Integrity and National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (R01 NS42454, Gerald P. Koocher, Principal Investigator and Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Co-Investigator) including the Institutional Review Board Researcher's Assessment Tool (IRB-RAT).

RRW- Responding to Research Wrongdoing

We developed Responding to Research Wrongdoing :  A User Friendly Guide under a grant from the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the HHS Office of Research Integrity, No. R01 NS049573 to Simmons College.  Gerald P. Koocher served as principal investigator in close collaboration with co-investigators Patricia Keith-Spiegel and Joan Sieber.

We intend this as a free resource, and invite you to share it (and this website) with others interested in research ethics and academic integrity.

We published an opinion paper in Nature on July 22, 2010 describing the results of the study that lead to creation of the Guide .

You may download the Guide, the Nature article, and the supplementary materials regarding our study by clicking on the boxes below.

We also welcome your feedback and will use it to update and improve the Guide. 

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Here's the link to our July 22, 2010 Nature paper

Nature requires a subscription to view the entire article.

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